Magical 3d Printing Pen


This equipment is suitable for children above 8 years old and adults. Childen should use under the supervision of adults !

Please read the manual carefully before using !

Blue AUBlue AU-100m ABSBlue AU-100m PLABlue EUBlue EU-100m ABSBlue EU-100m PLABlue UKBlue UK-100m ABSBlue UK-100m PLABlue USBlue US-100m ABSBlue US-100m PLAPink AUPink AU-100m ABSPink AU-100m PLAPink EUPink EU-100m ABSPink EU-100m PLAPink UKPink UK-100m ABSPink UK-100m PLAPink USPink US-100m ABSPink US-100m PLAPurple AUPurple AU-100m ABSPurple AU-100m PLAPurple EUPurple EU-100m ABSPurple EU-100m PLAPurple UKPurple UK-100m ABSPurple UK-100m PLAPurple USPurple US-100m ABSPurple US-100m PLAYellow AUYellow AU-100m ABSYellow AU-100m PLAYellow EUYellow EU-100m ABSYellow EU-100m PLAYellow UKYellow UK-100m ABSYellow UK-100m PLAYellow USYellow US-100m ABSYellow US-100m PLA
Magical 3d Printing Pen